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The Story of CIS

It all started over a candid and positive discussion among three generations, including Prem Singh Chaudhary, a revered teacher by profession, his son CLC director engineer Shrawan Chaudhary, and grandsons Sahil Chaudhary and Samar Chaudhary. Their collective vision and commitment to educational excellence laid the foundation for CLC International School (CIS), a pioneering institution in Sikar's educational landscape.

Guided by the wisdom and dynamic leadership of CLC director engineer Shrawan Chaudhary, CIS has emerged as a beacon of innovation and progress in the field of education. With a legacy spanning 29 years, Shrawan Chaudhary's dedication has propelled CIS to the forefront of transformative learning, integrating updated thinking with time-honored principles.

experience within a lush 15-acre campus. State-of-the-art facilities, including over 20 activity labs and a wide range of sports amenities, provide students with ample opportunities to explore their interests and talents, fostering holistic development.
Moreover, CIS is committed to preparing students for success in a globalized world. Through a complete English environment and foreign language instruction, students develop the linguistic and cultural competencies needed to excel in an interconnected society.
Join us at CIS, where the legacy of CLC director engineer Shrawan Chaudhary drives excellence and empowers the leaders of tomorrow. Welcome to CLC International School, where innovation meets tradition, and every student's potential is nurtured to thrive.

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We’re redefining schooling years for our students by improving not just the knowledge delivery but enhancing your child’s pool of talent.

Joyous Moments!


" am impressed by the extensive activities offered at CLC International School, Sikar. The well-equipped labs, especially the engaging robotics and coding classes, have sparked my child's interest in practical learning. CIS excels in providing a dynamic and enriching educational experience. Highly appreciative."

Dr. Mahesh Sharma
MD, Vedant Hospital Sikar

Overjoyed with my child's experience at CIS, Sikar. The devoted teachers, exceptional facilities and nurturing environment have contributed to comprehensive development. CIS truly stands as a pillar of quality education, fostering values and essential life skills. Highly recommend.

Dr. Rohit Kumar Swami
Consultant Physician

I absolutely love being a part of CIS, Sikar. The fun activities and exciting labs, like robotics and coding classes, make learning so much more enjoyable. CIS has made my school journey filled with curiosity and discovery. I can't wait to explore more!

Anaya Kala
Student of Class-5

CLC International School has been an incredible journey for me. From fascinating robotics and coding classes to engaging activities, CIS has made learning both fun and meaningful. As a 10th class student, I appreciate the well-rounded education and opportunities to explore my interests. Thank you, CIS.

Hitesh Mandiwal
Student of Class-10