Our Vision

At CLC International School, we nurture our students holistically as well as academically so they can achieve academic success while forming rich morality beliefs and strong personalities. We shape them with heartfelt empathy; exquisite development; potent conceptualization and sound adaptability.

Our Mission

Life is a never ending continuous learning process till you live. Our mission at CIS is to uphold "Unity in Diversity," Student-centred curriculum to build solid paths of life; Instil civic sense; offer tech-savvy atmosphere and guarantee the strong routes towards life.


Our Motto

“To sketch the outline to invent and then go for research and practice towards accomplishing excellence”

The best return on an investment is knowledge. We honour our motto by creating a culture and space where students' intellectual, spiritual, and cumulative development is accorded the utmost priority.

At CLC International School, we endeavour to foster and nourish the learners of tomorrow. Each student is treated as a unique individual and given a variety of learning opportunities to the greatest potential possible.


To identify uniqueness in each student, to form a dynamic and diverse community and to shape them into Visionary Scholars, Innovative Individuals and Creative Leaders of National & Global World. To inculcate habit in Each of Research & Scientific based Learning and to prepare all for Adversity Management.

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