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The CLC International School stands on five fundamental pillars that root a child to become a citizen catered with a sense of leadership and vision for development at local, national & International sphere. The five pillars represent the Panchamahabhootas, being the five prime elements of sustenance.

The Academic Pillar is represented by the element Earth which renders it essential that knowledge is the soil and fertiliser of any undertaking.


The Physical Enrichment Pillar takes its core from the element Air symbolic to medium of movement that is the key to a healthy body & mind based on dynamic intellectual and physical activities that run within the school.

Entrepreneurship is the process of creation of a new enterprise while embracing every challenge for its development and operation. Entrepreneurship is a fine portrayal of the element Fire symbolic to self-reliance. The ignition that converts raw subsistence into cooked warm food, is the element that drives young individuals to resolve problems around them.

The Pillar of Research & Development resembled by the element sky is symbolic of growth & the never-ending universe, and forms a vital part of education system. Knowledge received therefore must be catalysed to provide solutions. R&D is directed towards the innovation, introduction, and improvement of products and processes.

Harmony & Wisdom is the Pillar achieved through the motto of Service before Self and is represented by the element Water. Water is a form of most basic nourishment just as service is to community, nation and people at large. In today's society it is needed all the more.

The curriculum at CLC International School is designed to be challenging and engaging, with a focus on developing critical thinking and problem-solving skills. We believe in providing our students with a well-rounded education that includes not only academic excellence but also co-curricular activities, sports, and community service. These aims and objectives are highlighted to be known as Panchamahabhootas, five elements essential to lead a purposeful life.

The establishment of the school stems on the coherent vision that quality education must reach every corner of this nation whilst breaking the mis-belief that access to quality education is limited to metropolitan areas. We are committed to ensuring that our students have access to the best facilities and resources. We also believe in fostering a strong partnership between parents, teachers and the community to ensure that our students receive the best possible education. Welcome, dear learners, to CIS- SIKAR and become the author of your own story.
Warm regards,

Ms. Sushma Bhadauria

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